benji (valorian) wrote in tulsazombies,

Tulsa Film Group

Those of you who are interested in local low/no budget Tulsa film projects other than our own, check out the Tulsa Film Group at Yahoo.

I'm going to try to attend one of their local meetings in the next couple of weeks - Thursday nights at 7 at the Circle Cinema. Next week is out for me since I'll be in Dallas that day, but if anyone wants to get together the Thursday after that (August 4) and go to one of these things, maybe learn a thing or two or pick the brains (zombie reference unintended) of someone who's been through the process of making a low-budget independent film, maybe we can carpool downtown and check it out together.

I wouldn't suggest subscribing to the group as it's fairly boring and gets some spam, but it sounds like their meetings are pretty interesting. Reply or give me a call if you'd be interested in going.
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