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Ladies and gentlemen of tulsazombies, we are officially moving.

I present to you:

From now until release in early '06, all updates and information will be distributed from this site. I'll probably be cross-posting most major news to LJ as well, but the website is official as of today. If you're still interested in being part of the production team, trying out for cast, showing up to be a zombie, or communicate with the development team in any way, please sign up for the forum on the site and participate in our discussions! Just click the "Community" link on the main page or here.

Thank you all for your support so far! It's still very much needed, and even as we outgrow LJ we want to thank the LiveJournal staff as well as all tulsazombies members/watchers for all their help so far. Come to the website and continue being part of our moviemaking process. :D

I leave you with a gift of wallpaper, in case you want to dedicate your desktop to our zombie-filming adventures:
Wallpaper 01: 1024x768
Wallpaper 01: 1280x960
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